About us

We are a couple who lives in Konsmo, in the southern part of Norway.
Cats have been more or less in our lives all the time, but it was in 2012 we discovered the Maine Coon breed.

We realized quickly that this breed suited us perfectly. And when we also got hooked in showing our cats and learn a lot of breeders to know, the breeding dream wasn't so far away.

Our cats have free access to the entire house and the fenced garden, which is approximately 2500 m2. All our cats are as family members to consider and we can not imagine to have it inany other way.

We do prefer the slightly older type of Maine Coons with a characteristic robust and muscular body with good size.
We also emphasize health, temper and type in our breeding goals, but health and temper will never be sacrificed for type.

Jim Bertelsen and Torhild Birkeland