The Maine Coon breed

The Maine Coon breed is an natural breed, as same as the Norwegian Forest cat and the Siberian cat, and is of American origin.

The Maine Coon breed is one of the largest cat breed, both in size and weight. The characteristics of this breed is a robust and tough expression, some will find the look a little scary. But the Maine Coon is actually known for its nice temper, and is often referred to as "The gentle giant".

Some other characteristics are the squareness of the box (nose and chin), tufs at the ears, giant paws with a lot of hairing between the toes and a powerful and solid expression. The weight for females is often between 4-6 kilos, while the males often has a weight 6-9 kilos. This is just an estimate, larger and smaller individuals exist.
The Maine Coon developes slowly, and they are often not fully grown until they reach an age of 4-5 years, but of course there will be individuals differences also in this matter.

The breed is a very social and pleasent cat, and loves to be around you and your doing. The breed is also known for playing with water - and you can expect to have a lot of mess around the water bowl.

You find the breed standard for FIFe here.